THR Developments is not your average Adelaide mechanical workshop. Our services and employees are highly experienced in all forms of motorsport & high performance vehicles.

THR Developments Directors Nick Taddeo and Rob Hasler have a joint understanding and an extensive background and knowledge in today’s V8 Supercar series. Collectively Rob & Nick have over 30 years experience and are known and regarded by some of the series best. Rob and Nick have expert backgrounds, each different to each other, allowing extensive development to be made at the customers request.

Rob’s experience is in the custom fabrication department specialising in aluminium and steel tig welding, extensive machinery knowledge and in the design and construction of race car components. Rob has a firm approach in developing what the customer wants in a design application.

Nick’s experience is of a more mechanical background, ranging from performance engine developments and building, gearbox and diff building and all mechanical upgrades. He has the ability to design a vehicle combination from front to rear at any level.