With a long and successful involvement in motorsport, THR Developments are the leaders with engine building in Australia. We have a long successful history in Supercars, Historics and Drag racing with results to back up our work.

We have won numerous championships on a state and a national level. Through our Research and Development on our racing cars and engines, we have been able to transfer that knowledge to our customers providing well tuned high torque big horsepower engines.

Our engine builder Nick Taddeo has had many years experience with a wide range of carbied and fuel injected high performance engines, in particular Chev, Holden, Ford and Mopar engines. After completing his apprenticeship working on LS engines, he has kept up to date with the latest technology in parts and processes and can comfortably build any LS combination whether it is a naturally aspirated, stroked or blown engine. We can build an engine from stock to mild to wild. All our engines are run in and tuned on our engine dyno.