THR Developments has a fully equipped machine shop which enables us to prepare any engine configuration for all types & forms of motorsport, along with standard style engine reconditioning.

We have & use a variety of BHJ jigs to prepare race engine short blocks, carrying out modifications such as lifter bore truing, bore truing and deck truing all to race tolerances.  We also have sunnen machines which are industry leaders for cylinder block honing, main tunnel align honing and conrod/piston reconditioning & modifications.

Our experienced staff have the knowledge and access to all the latest honing techniques to ensure the best ring seal and life possible which in turn equals more horsepower & reliability. We also have a number of specialized tooling jigs to enable us to carry out all types of piston modifications ranging from machining valve reliefs, ring lands & dome profiling.


Some of the machining processes we offer are:

  • CNC machining
  • Cylinder head machining and preparation
  • Engine balancing
  • Block face decking
  • Main tunnel line boring
  • Metal particle crack testing
  • Valve facing

We also offer all type of general machining whether it be lathe or milling work, welding or fabricating.